Welcome to Veg Table!

Vegans and vegetarians deserve to be able to find a "veg table" wherever they are in the world. Whether you're planning your next vacation, or finding yourself in an unfamiliar part of your town, Veg Table offers information on the most veg-friendly restaurants and resources in cities all over the globe.

What makes Veg Table different from other travel sites?

  • Well, of course, we're custom-designed to help vegan and vegetarian travelers (and open-minded omnivores looking for a veggie meal!)
  • We are the first website to offer vegan airport survival guides, for the frequent flyers among you.
  • We are a wiki! This means a few things:
    • Anyone can sign up to become a member and take an active role in shaping the site.
    • Because our users help build the site, it's easy to update information as it changes. Unlike a book, the information found here can always be updated in an instant.
    • The larger our community grows, the more useful Veg Table will become, so let your vegan friends the world over know about this new resource.

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