Alive (San Francisco)


Alive is a vegan raw foods restaurant located at 1972 Lombard St. in San Francisco's Marina District.

What they say:

A soothing urban oasis in the midst of bustling Lombard Street, Alive! takes healthful dining to a sophisticated new level. Specializing in raw, vegetarian, animal-free cuisine using the freshest, highest-quality local and seasonal produce, the restaurant was awarded Best Raw Food in San Francisco by SF Weekly. Clean, lively flavors are the hallmark of this distinctive cuisine. “It’s food that’s healthy, well-balanced and delicious, prepared as fresh as possible,” says owner and executive chef Leland Jung. In keeping with raw food’s core philosophies, most of the dishes on the menu are prepared without being heated above 118 degrees, to preserve optimal nutritional value and promote healthful digestion. The restaurant does not serve meat or any animal products (including dairy and honey), as well as wheat or grains.



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