Badde Manors (Sydney - Glebe, NSW, AU)


Badde Manors is a vegetarian restaurant located at 37 Glebe Point Rd in Glebe.

What they say:

Vegetarian, eclectic, generous, oriented towards modern Australian cuisine with a sophisticated adoption of oriental, asian, north African and meditarranean [sic] dishes. Because all our food is prepared in-house, great deal of detail and care is invested in producing the wholesome and tasty meals that Badde Manors is renowned for.

Menu Highlights

Vegan options are marked and include a Tajine, Lentil Burger, Tofu Burger, Crispy Sweetcorn Capsicum and Coriander Cakes
Several vegan brunch options as well including the "Vegan Big Breakfast" which is roast pumpkin, wilted spinach, roast tomato, avocado, sautéed mushrooms and baked beans on rye toast.

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