Blue Nile Cafe (Tempe, AZ)


Blue Nile Cafe is a veg-friendly Ethiopian restaurant located at 933 East University Drive in Tempe, AZ.

What they say:

Blue Nile Café has style and substance…..The food is as homey and satisfying as any meat-and-potatoes meal, with way better seasonings. And thanks to moist injera (a kind of thin, spongy sourdough bread), you don't even need to eat with utensils… Hearty vegetarian dishes get the same slow-simmered treatment, and appetizers are just as intriguing; we're partial to the kay seer salad (a tangy mix of beets, potatoes, chilies and lime juice) and the addicting, deep-fried sambussas (crisp golden pockets of meat or vegetables). If you can, snag a table in the back room, where colorful woven basket-tables add to the authentic experience.

Menu Highlights

Traditional Ethiopian dishes made from lentils, chickpeas, and stewed veggies served with injera. Salads and appetizers are available as well as combo meals. The vegan options are extensive and clearly marked.
Vegan cake for dessert.
On Sunday nights they also serve a special raw foods menu.



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