Boneshakers (Brooklyn, NY)


Boneshakers is a vegetarian sandwich shop located at 134 Kingsland Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

What they say:

“Boneshaker, the first fixed-gear bikes of the 1800s, is the namesake for this no-meat cafe, coffeeshop and—when the license arrives—a place to get a $1 PBR… Along with Balthazar pastries and Gimme! Coffee, the vegetarian and vegan menu boats cupcakes, cookies, muffins that are made in house. Expect bold flavors such as Earl Grey with lemon cream frosting and hot chocolate spiked with cayenne pepper. All for chilling out while checking out the Trackstar bikes that will be on sale.”

Menu Highlights

Bets known for their sandwiches which include both fake meat options (tofurkey, tempeh bacon, etc.) as well as fresh veggies and home made sauerkraut. Vegan or dairy cheese available. Also features salads, burgers and baked goods. Sunday brunch.



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