Bosphorous (Winter Park, FL)


Bosphorous is a veg-friendly Turkish restaurant located at 108 South Park Ave. in Winter Park, FL.

What they say:

Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine is a family owned business, established in 2005, that offers variety of authentic Turkish food from many regions of Turkey… The owners of Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine grew up in the United States. They decided to contribute a piece of their heritage by providing authentic cuisine in a City where this ethnic cuisine has yet to embellish the native South. They welcome everyone to experience the way of life in the old and the new Istanbul.

Menu Highlights

Stick with the small plates and appetizers: Lavash, Hummus, Dolma, Stuffed Eggplant, White Bean Salad, Babbaganush, Red Lentil Soup, Ezme. (Beware of yogurt sauce though - just ask to be sure it doesn't come on any of these dishes if you're vegan.)




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