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The Breakroom Cafe is a vegetarian/vegan-friendly restaurant located at 300 13th St. in Downtown Oakland.

What they say:

The Breakroom Cafe is Oakland owned and operated. We offer vegetarian and vegan sandwiches, soups, and sides as well as wireless internet service. We feature local music and art, and hope to provide a good place for people to come together and enjoy Oakland.

Menu Highlights

Turkey Bacon Sandwich (Vegan)
Marinated Tofu Sandwich (Vegan)
Vegan Potato Salad
Vegan Brownies, 2-layer Vegan Cakes, and Vegan Carrot Cupcakes
Organic & Fair Trade Coffee and Espresso
(The Breakroom Cafe serves some menu items with dairy-based cheese or cream cheese, but vegan substitutions are available.)


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