Gracias Madre (San Francisco, CA)


Gracias Madre is a vegan restaurant located at 2211 Mission St. in San Francisco's Mission District.

The owners also own Cafe Gratitude, but Gracias Madre is not a raw foods restaurant.

What they say:

We celebrate food. We build our lives around growing, providing and eating the highest quality, most delectable and nutrient rich organic foods. The majority of our produce is grown at our Organic, Biodynamic Be Love Farm in Pleasants Valley, including the non-GMO varieties of heirloom corn we use to make our handmade tortillas and tamales. We believe that eating local, organic food prepared simply and with love is medicine for both the body and spirit.

Menu Highlights

The menu changes regularly but features Mexican fare such as tacos, enchiladas, tamales, etc.
Dessert available as well as Sangria, Soju cocktails, and local beers.

(415) 285-7550


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