Hula's Tiki (Santa Cruz/Monterey, CA)


Hula's Tiki is a veg-friendly restaurant located with two NorCal locations:

221 Cathcart Street in Santa Cruz, CA
622 Lighthouse Ave. in Monterey, CA

What they say:

Santa Cruzans have long felt an affinity with Hawaii. Linked by the Pacific Ocean, and harboring a connection to the Pacific Rim, we share a laid-back openness, love of sand and surf and a strong community spirit. Hula's has been celebrating those values in the Monterey Bay area for the past eight years. The creation of brothers Chris and Craig Delaney, the first Hula's opened its doors in Monterey. An instant hit, it was voted best new restaurant in 1998 and has earned a loyal following ever since.

Menu Highlights

Jungle Tofu bowl
Spicy tofu tacos
Seaweed salad
"The Islander" sandwich
All kinds of fruity cocktails you'd expect to find in a tiki bar



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Photos by sharontroy

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