Ike's Place (San Francisco, CA)


Ike's Place is a veg-friendly sandwich shop located at 3506 16th St. in
San Francisco's Castro district.

What they say:

This ain't your momma's sandwich shop. Or your dad's. Or your gramma's, cousins, dog's or cat's, spiritual advisor's, CEO's, or hamster's. We offer hand-crafted, finger-lickin'-good, fresh-baked, so-good-that-every-description-is-hyphenated, delicious sandwiches to the masses, made how you want them, be you meat eater, vegetarian, or veganite. Is your mouth watering yet? Check out our gigantic, three-part menu. Hungry as sin and not going to take it anymore? Call in your order using our state-of-the-art telly-phone ordering system. Or get up, head over and drop in for an extended visit with our resident chef/celebrity superstar, Ike.

Menu Highlights

A separate vegan menu featuring several varieties of vegan turkey sandwiches, vegan meatballs, soy cheese, boca burgers, and of course, veggies.
Gluten-free bread available.
All sandwiches come with vegan "dirty sauce."


(415) 553-6888


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Photos by sharontroy

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