Laziza Lebanese


Laziza Lebanese is a veg-friendly restaurant located at 4256 Plank Road in Fredericksburg, VA.

What they say:

"Laziza is known for it's delicious recipes and fine atmosphere. Come in a dress, come in jeans, as long as you're comfortable, we're comfortable!"

Menu Highlights

Laziza Mediterranean Salad:mixed greens with walnuts, green apples, dried plums, kiwi, oranges
Moujadarah:cooked rice and lentils topped with fried onions served with salad and yogurt
Manakeesh:vegetarian pizza baked with a mix of thyme, sesame seeds, and imported olive oil, topped with diced tomatoes
Lentil soup:a healthy mix of lentil, sauteed onion, Swiss chard, and potatoes

(540) 548-4555


If you don't fill up first on all the mezza (appetizer selections), the vegetarian entrees are divine and can easily be made vegan. The rice that comes with every dish is a reason to eat here, by itself. And for dessert, 4-5 different types of baklava at little more than $1 a piece! Belly dancing on Fridays and Saturdays. The owners are a Lebanese couple who have created a nice nook where you often see Lebanese expatriates dining—which speaks well of the authenticity of the food!

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