Mission Pie (San Francisco, CA)


Mission Pie is a veg-friendly restaurant located at 2901 Mission St. in San Francisco.
What they say:

Mission Pie is a corner café, bakery, and neighborhood gathering place in the Mission District of San Francisco, located at the intersection of two busy streets and several vibrant, interwoven communities. Our seasonally shifting menu of pies, baked good and light savory fare focuses on the produce of nearby farms that employ organic and sustainable methods. We are here every day to engage folks toward a deeper relationship with and responsibility to the environments, enterprises and people that sustain us.

Menu Highlights

The pies at Mission Pie change daily, so it is best to check their website or Twitter feed (see below). There is usually at least one vegan option and they serve both sweet and savory pies.


(415) 282-1500
Mission Pie on Twitter


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