Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen (Sydney, NSW, AU)


Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen is a vegetarian restaurant located at 367 Pitt St. in Sydney's CBD.

What they say:

Run by the charming Taiwanese Chu family. Sophia welcomes you and is always available to advise you in choosing ingredients and meals that are suitable for your personal wellbeing. Blending a mixture of cultures and ingredients- The Chef Henry, has a flair for creating stunning dishes. Every meal can be made to your requirements and attention to detail is of the upmost. Mother Chu still takes part of the running of the restaurant.

Menu Highlights

Pan-Asian dishes, with extensive choices using bean curd, gluten, tempeh. Claypots, noodle and rice dishes as well. Specialty is Vegetarian Peking Duck.

(02) 9283-2828


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