Paradox Cafe (Portland, OR)


Paradox Cafe is a veg-friendly restaurant specializing in brunch, with many vegan options. They are located at 3439 SE Belmont in Portland.

What they say:

Paradox Cafe cooks all of your food fresh when you order it! This may take a bit longer, especially, when all of you get hungry at the same time. We understand that time is precious, try to relax and know that we are preparing for you the best quality food as fast as we are able! Our goal is to provide quality food and service while also being kind to our environment. Paradox uses, when available, organic produce, organic grains & flours, organic tofu and tempeh, free range eggs and hormone free meats. We like to support our community and environment by purchasing our ingredients with businesses and co-ops, that focus on sustainability.

503-232-7508 / 503.232.5525


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