REWILD cruelty-free club


REWILD cruelty-free club is a vegan restaurant located at via Giovannipoli 18 in Rome (Garbatella).

What they say:

the first totally vegan restaurant-pub in rome

Menu Highlights

  • sandwiches and wraps with vegan cold cuts, sausages, veggie burgers
  • salads, first courses (lasagne, tagliatelle, ravioli, soups, rolls) and second courses (breaded cutlets, roasts, medallions, stews, and slices) all with a seitan, tempeh, tofu base
  • bruschetta (toasted bread) with vegetable/tofu/organic spreads
  • vegan cheese and pizza
  • draught beers (menabrea and först), cocktails, hard liquor
  • organic and fair-trade soft drinks, fruit juices and beers
  • 47 flavours of teas and herbal teas, hot or cold, slushes and frozens
  • hot and cold chocolate drinks, shakes and puddings made with vegetable milk
  • crèpes, desserts and homemade gelatos



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