How Do I Add A New City or Region?

Adding a new city or region is easy! For the sake of format continuity, we ask that you use our template and follow the steps below.

1. Check the main menu to make sure your city is not already listed in the country/continent of its location. (If the city is listed but does not link to a page, most likely that page does not yet exist.) Look for the box on the right hand side that says Add a New Page.

2. Type the name of the city followed by the name of the city. If the city name is already taken, double check to be sure this page does not already exist. If it is a new city, then follow the city name by the state or country abbreviation. So instead of "Paris" you might type "Paris FR." Then click "new page."

3. On the Create page you should change the title to the format City, State/Province (if applicable), Country. For example: Oakland, CA, USA

4. In the drop-down menu that says "Initial Content" you'll need to choose the template called "New City."

5. The template will walk you through what areas you should fill in here.

6. Preview and save your changes. You can always go back and edit, or add more information later.

7. Return to the page for the region where your city is located (For example, Australia). Edit the region page to include a link to the city you've just added.

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