1. How are vegan/vegetarian/veg-friendly defined?

It's up to each individual to define what these standards mean for themselves and their lifestyles. For the purpose of continuity on this wiki, we have defined the following standards for restaurants:

VEGAN: A restaurant that serves no animal products of any kind including: meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, gelatin, lard, honey, or stocks/sauces derived from animals.

VEGETARIAN: A restaurant that serves no meat, poultry, fish, lard, or stocks/sauces derived from animals. These restaurants may serve dairy, eggs, gelatin, and honey. Note that a vegetarian restaurant should, however, serve at least two vegan dishes to be included on this wiki.

VEG-FRIENDLY: A restaurant that has an omnivorous menu, but also offers at least two vegetarian options, one of which should be vegan (or dishes that can be prepared as such upon request.) Preferably these items should be noted as such on the menus. An exception to this rule may be made when dealing with a small town with few vegan choices, or with restaurants that offer a more rare vegan option, such as vegan pizza.

Please also see our brief disclaimer on reporting dietary information.

2. How do I add my comments to a restaurant page?

You must be a registered user to contribute comments about a restaurant. Once you are logged in simply scroll to the bottom of the restaurant's page and look for the "Add Your Comment" field.

Comments can come in the form of reviews, discussions, and questions about the restaurant. Comments deemed as spam by the administrators may be subject to deletion.

3. How do I add a new restaurant page?

Click here for instructions.

4. How do I add a new city or region?

Click here for instructions.

5. It looks like there are mostly cities listed in here. Can I add my small town?

Absolutely! We never know where our travels might take us, so listing the veggie options in all corners of the globe is a big help. We've just started with major cities to get the site going. As it grows, it may be necessary to re-consider how cities are organized.

6. What are your policies regarding censorship/deleting comments/banning users?

We hope this doesn't come up much, but just in case, we've laid it all out here in our Censorship Policy.

7. How can I spread the word about Veg Table?

You can send email invitations to friends. You can also use the social media bar at the very top of your screen to share links to Veg Table pages on Twitter, Facebook, del.icio.us, Digg, reddit and StumbleUpon.

8. Did I just see an ad for a steak house??

Ugh. Nobody at Veg Table is getting rich quick off of our Google Ads, but they do help us offset the cost of hosting the site. We've tried to configure ads to only show relevant content, but every once in a while, something non-vegan might sneak in there. The good news is that we can ban the urls of sites we do not want to advertise, so if you see something you think we should ban, please email the offending url to ten.elbat-gev|norahs#ten.elbat-gev|norahs.

9. I have a question/comment/suggestion. Who do I contact?

For now, just about any questions can be sent to ten.elbat-gev|norahs#ten.elbat-gev|norahs. If your question is more technical in nature and due to the software we use, you're best contacting the Wikidot.com support team directly.

Remember, Veg Table is a community-based wiki so this is your site. If you see something say something! Help fix any errors, add additional information and connect with other members in our Discussion Forum.

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