Restaurant Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when creating or editing restaurant pages:

1. If you are unable to fill in portions of the template (such as a photo) please write in "not yet available" and hopefully you or someone else can come along and fill this in later.

2. The template we've provided lists the bare minimum information that should be included on a restaurant page. Feel free to include more information. Some ideas include:

  • A direct link to the menu.
  • Additional photos of food and/or restaurant decor.
  • Links to reviews from other websites, publications, or blogs.
  • Additional contact information for the restauant (such as a Twitter account or Facebook page).
  • Anything else that might provide more information to the reader.

3. The tone of restaurant pages should be neutral and informational. If you'd like to include your opinions of the restaurant, the place to do this is in the page's comments section. Impartial information not found in the comments section may be deleted.

4. If a restaurant has multiple locations, particularly in different cities, unless there is a radically different menu, do not create multiple pages for it. Rather, create one page that is linked to from different cities and note the various addresses and contact information.

5. Remember you can add more than just restaurants. Other suggested vendors include:

  • Caterers
  • Natural Food stores
  • Farmers Markets
  • Store specializing in vegan clothing or accessories
  • Animal sanctuaries
  • Any other places of interest for veg*ns. (Note: these should be physical locations that one can visit and not just a website or group.)
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