Spread (San Diego, CA)


Spread is a vegetarian restaurant located at 2879 University Avenue in San Diego.

What they say:

Spread's mission is to stimulate and challenge the culinary imagination of their diners by working with and serving only locally grown, organic ingredients. With an uncompromising belief in eating a diet predominantly vegetarian and/or vegan, Spread is 100% dedicated to providing the best of the best; and accomplishes that by scouring the local Farmer's Markets and local farms, often picking out of the ground that very evening's bounty! Specializing in the rarest fruits, vegetables, and edible flowers, we strive to constantly create new and exciting menu items and tastes for every diner to enjoy. Step outside of the box, and join us for an unforgettable, fun dining experience!

Menu Highlights

The menu changes daily, but focuses on fresh fruits, vegetables, and edible flowers. Most of the dishes can be made vegan and the staff is very knowledgeable in this area.


(619) 543-0406


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