St. Francis Fountain (San Francisco, CA)


St. Francis Fountain is a veg-friendly restaurant located at 2801 24th St. in San Francisco's Mission District.

What they say:

St Francis Fountain was founded in 1918 by James Christakes, an immigrant from Sparta, Greece. It has been in continuous operation in its present location ever since. Three generations of the Christakes family ran the St Francis as a confectionary, ice cream parlor, and lunch counter until 2000. In 2002, the current owners, Peter Hood and Levon Kazarian, purchased the business and restored the beautiful but dilapidated 1948 dining room and installed a full service kitchen in order to expand and improve the food offerings. Changing the focus from old-fashioned confectionary to updated diner, the St Francis Fountain is once again the living, bustling neighborhood anchor that it was in its heyday.

Menu Highlights

Various tofu scrambles (pesto, Mexican)
Tofu can be subbed in any breakfast burrito
Vegan Chorizo hash
"Toasted Vegan" Sandwich

(415) 826-4200


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Photos by sharontroy

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