Unicorn (San Francisco, CA)


Unicorn is a veg-friendly Pan-Asian restaurant located at 191 Pine Street in San Francisco's Financial District.

What they say:

At Unicorn, we provide a unique, modern and elegant dining atmosphere suited to relax our customers and prepare them to embark on a Pan-Asian culinary experience. Over 50 dishes are traditionally prepared and our selection is a blend of fresh, daily hand picked vegetables and meats, complimented with an array of herbs and exotic spices. We provide a selection of fine wines, delicious desserts and traditionally prepared Asian teas and coffees to complete your dining experience. Don't just take our word for it, come and experience Unicorn.

Menu Highlights

There is a Vegan Prix Fixe menu consisting of Unicorn Taro Rolls • Lotus Rootlet Salad with Pine Nuts • Spicy Mango Bean Curd • Tofu simmered in Coconut Wasabi Cream • Jasmine Rice • Choice of Desserts

Other veggie dishes are also available and consist largely of claypots, curries, and stir-fries.




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