Washington Dulles Dc Iad

List as many terminals and restaurants below as applicable. (These are works in progress.)

Concourse A


  • Vegan options:
  • Vegetarian options:

Website (if applicable)

Concourse B

Green Leaves @ B-73

  • Vegan options: Maybe
  • Vegetarian options: Yes, salads and bagels with dairy products.

Five Guys (Burger Grill) @ B-73

  • Vegan options: Fries might be vegan, not sure about the oil.
  • Vegetarian options: Yes, grilled cheese and other items perhaps.

Chipolte @ B-63 COMING SOON

  • Vegan options: Yes, rice and bean burrito plus more.
  • Vegetarian options: Above with cheese, etc.

City Wok @ B-73 COMING SOON

  • Vegan options:
  • Vegetarian options:

Bananas Frozen Yogurt @ B-73

  • Vegan options: Not likely
  • Vegetarian options: Probably

Capitol Grounds @ B-73

  • Vegan options: Typical coffee bar, has Soy milk, also offer bagels.
  • Vegetarian options:

Max & Ermas @ B-73

  • Vegan options: Black Bean Burger, unknown if Vegan host did not know. Not sure how cooked either.
  • Vegetarian options:

Starbucks @ B-73 (inside a book store)

  • Options: Its a Starbucks, what else do you want to know? Soy milk and if your lucky a vegan treat.

Concourse C/D

Insert Name of Restaurant A

  • Vegan options:
  • Vegetarian options:

Website (if applicable)

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