Weird Fish (San Francisco, CA)


Weird Fish is a veg-friendly restaurant located at 2193 Mission St in San Francisco's Mission district. Weird Fish has a smaller satellite kitchen and nearby bar Bender's which has a limited, but still veg-friendly menu.

What they say:

Home of the Suspicious Fish Dish, We serve locally grown vegetables, & prepare fish that is primarily farmed and sustainable. We are making conscious efforts to embody a green business practice at Weird Fish. All of our fish is farmed sustainably.

Menu Highlights

  • Waco Tacos (made with Sweet potato) and Hellfish Tacos (made with Seitan)
  • Vegan "fish and chips" available in tofu, seitan and some times tempeh or vegetable form
  • Yo-Yo's - fried pickles
  • Brunch also available: tofu scrambles, vegan huevos rancheros and vegan pancakes
  • Usually at least one vegan dessert item and a "suspicious vegetarian dish" of the day

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